Continuous product improvement and team collaboration


Universal tool for documents and code peer review

One flexible peer review tool brings many different benefits. It allows you to conduct documents and code review, perform informal or formal peer reviews and lets you improve product quality and track product readiness.

Collaboration and learning

Useful peer review tool helps development and test teams to learn by means of collaboration constantly and therefore deliver faster and produce better products. Also, peer review tool allows teams to share best practices and train new team members.

Quality management

Having all peer review data at hand gives you control over the documents, code and tests quality and their readiness.


Ability to create findings, directly linked to specific locations in items under review (convenient visual identification)
Integration with basic CM tools such as JIRA, Git, SVN, PVCS and Windchill (adding integration to other systems can be done per additional request)
External notifications (emails) and internal discussions
Version consistency check
Whether only reviewed and approved versions of artifacts are taken as inputs for update
Statistical reports on reviews and findings
Quality audits


Aviation and Aerospace


Product/project managers

  • Help coordinate plans with stakeholders and teams
  • Improve communication inside and between teams
  • Provide costs and quality metrics
  • Be fully aware of status of reviews progress and progress of individual findings completion

Requirements/code/tests developers

  • Improve quality of the products by finding defects on early stages
  • Share best practices inside team
  • Bring all team members up to speed by means of convenient collaboration

Process Managers/QA Engineers

  • Validate that development processes are followed
  • Provide statistics for processes improvements
  • Help to conduct quality audits


  • One-time payment
  • up to 2 users
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Growing team
  • Payment per year
  • up to 10 users
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Large team
  • Payment per year
  • up to 25 users
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Great team
  • more than 25 users
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